Studies in British Business Archives

Series editor: Lesley Richmond and Alison Turton, Business Archive Council, UK

  • The Business Archives Council was founded in 1934 to encourage the preservation of business archives and to promote the study of business history. The Council is sponsor to this series of guides to sources of material for the study of the history of particular industries. The core of each book in the series consists of a company-by-company guide to the industry's records. Each entry includes a brief history of the company, a summary of its surviving archives and a bibliography of related publications. This historical compendium is supplemented by two introductory essays, written by academics or archivists well known for their work in the field. The first outlines the history of the industry and the second describes the nature and uses of the archival records which it has created. The series will be of value to academic historians as well as appealing to a wider audience of local and family historians, interest groups and industrial archaeologists. The many company histories which each volume contains make the series a standard work for reference libraries.